Signs Your Ex Wants You Back

Signs Your Ex Wants You Back

You’ve been broken up for awhile, but are things really over? It could be that your former significant other would like another chance. Having trouble figuring it out? Here are our top signs your ex wants you back.

Late Night Calls

If your ex calls late at night, this might be one of the signs your ex wants you back. She’s got other friends for a midnight chat. Late night is when people start feeling lonely. In other words, if she suddenly needs to talk to you, therefore, she’s hoping to rekindle some intimacy.

Showing Up At Your Job

Unless you work at the only pizza place in town, your ex could avoid your workplace. If he’s finding reasons to show up, seems like he really wants to see you. Because the less reason he has to visit your workplace, the surer you can be that he wants you back.

Gossiping with Mutual Friends

Let’s be honest, seems like, all of your friends have trouble keeping secrets from other friends. If your ex is talking about you with mutual friends, she expects you to hear about it. She’s thinking about you, probably, hoping you’ll reach out.

Wanting to Reminisce

If you run into your ex and he wants to talk about old times, it could be that he’d like to make some new memories. Likewise, if he’s moved on, he’ll have other things to talk about, so reminiscing about you means he’s had you in his thoughts.

Sudden Unfinished Business

Did you know you’d forgotten a comb at your ex’s place? No? Well she just did, therefore it’s urgent that you meet so she can give it back. This sort of tenuous unfinished business is probably  just an excuse to make contact. Now she finally has an excuse to call you, set a meeting, come see you. And there’s sure to be more lost socks to come.

Unsolicited Favors

If your ex is dying to help you move, or change your spark plugs, he’s really hoping to impress you. For instance, getting favors you didn’t ask for is a sure sign of interest. The free labor is great, but don’t lead them on by accident.

Creeping Your Social Media

If your ex has been reading all your tweets, and commenting on all your Facebook photos, that’s a lot of interest in your life. In other words, tracking you online is one of the sure signs your ex wants you back. In fact, it may be an unhealthy level of interest! Keep your eye out for signs that your ex is aware of your social media activities.

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