Know if Your Ex is Over You

How to Know if Your Ex is Over You

You’re probably here because the person you loved seems to be having a good life and you want to know if your ex is over you. You, in turn, wallow in loneliness yearning for him. It can be quite terrifying to see your ex getting their life running smoothly even without your presence. This is particularly true if you still have an eye on them.

To see if you’ve any chance of getting them back. Read this list of things you should look out for to see whether your ex is completely over you.

Dating Someone

While this is the biggest and a drastic red flag that your ex is completely over you, it may not be true. Especially if you’ve just broken up. This is because your ex might just be in a rebound relationship. This is to mean that they might just be using the other person to get over you, hence they’re probably not in a serious relationship.

On the other hand, if you’ve broken you for a pretty long period, and you see your ex dating someone, then that should be a strong indicator that your ex is really over you.

Your Ex Avoids You in Public

This is another glaring sign that your ex doesn’t want to get back with you. While it’s possible they might be avoiding you simply because they still love you and it’s painful to see you, it’s quite rare and probably not true.
If you see that your ex has changed his lifestyle practices and daily routine to avoid bumping into you, it’s because he wants a clean break.

Wants All Their Stuff Back

Usually, it’s hard to return or get your things from your ex if you still love them, because it’s like letting them go. However, when your ex takes all their things, it should be a red flag, and means that they want nothing to do with you. In most cases, they will also return your things, signifying that they no longer want to be reminded of anything or any memories of you.

Cuts Any Contact With You

Cutting all forms of communication should be an indicator that your ex does not want any contact with you. Whether it’s changing their phone number, or unfriending you on the social media platforms, cutting of contacts signifies that your ex is making concerted efforts to move on.

Has Told Explicitly You’re Never Going to Be Together

If your ex goes out of the way to tell you they no longer have feelings for you, then it’s probably true. This is particularly true when your ex is tired of the relationship and eager to move on. You should, therefore, stop pushing for it and give them their space.

It can be quite hard to read the above signs and think that your ex has gotten a life and moving on. However, just because they seem they are getting it together, it doesn’t mean that you can never win them back, that is, if you want to. And remember, the harder they’re trying to get over you, means that they still have a feeling for you.

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