5 Signs he wants you back in his life right now!

Is it possible to see a sign that your HE wants you back – The short answer is YES
But you have to keep an eye on these signs and be very settled – let’s take a look at all the signs that he wants you back

1 The phone calls and the text

If you call your ex-boyfriend and he still picks up that is the first sign that he wants you back.
A man that doesn’t want to deal with a woman anymore will never pick up her phone calls even if he knows they were going to kill him.5 Signs he want you back in his life
Now you don’t have to over call him because sometimes a man will not pick your phone call or leave the house to avoid an argument. Furthermore, if a heated argument is going on between you two, he might still not pick up for the simple reason which is avoiding a fight and arguing back and forth with you.
Does that means he doesn’t want you – well yes at the moment of anger he does not want anything to do with you but if you give him some time to think and clear his mind he will start missing you and he will pick up your phone calls.
You do not want to call him more than 3 Times especially if you know he is mad instead what you should do is send him a little sweet text that will make him remember you when the relationship was good.
To refresh his memories –
Try not to do it in a desperate way rather make all your approaches very settled and give him time to remember you on a good light not when things got bad.

2 If He didn’t block you on social media

If your boyfriend is over you, he would block you on all places including all social platforms.
If he didn’t block you, that is a good sign he still wants you back.
If he didn’t block you and is still talking to you, that is a big sign that you two will be back very soon.
What you should do at that moment is to wisely use every chance you get to remind him of how the sex used to be and how he used to trust you. This will bring his feelings back for you and he will come back –
But you must also try to figure out the reason he wanted to break up with you in the first place and make an effort to become a better human being.
Sometimes it has nothing to do with you but sometimes it is rational to steal the Opportunity to figure out what went wrong and talk to him about it without trying to be right all the time.
Simply talk to him about it and really show that you are trying to change or making an effort if it’s something that you agreed you should work on making him feel like you don’t mind losing him but you care about him and you need him in your life as you are willing to make some changes.

3 He tells you that he wants you back

Normally men are straight forward if they got some balls that is, he will tell you that he wants you back and if he is not straight forward and you want that all people should know who your ex-boyfriend is – Then you should make the first step call him to talk to him and ask him to accept you in his life again and give him a rose fresh from the store.
I know woman always wait for men to make the move all the time but you should also know that the same thing that makes you happy can make a man happy as well even if he doesn’t act like it doesn’t mean it doesn’t work.
Some men would love to receive some roses from you so – send them to his workplace and really make him feel loved and cared about for if it was your fault then you should apologize.
Give him some time to react after a week or so of you being so sweet to him.
If he knows you are willing to have sex with him and feed him some food, he will not say no to any of that giving the fact that you are really making a change for the better.
There’s nothing a man hates more than a woman who always feels like she is right and she should not make an effort – that’s a heavy woman to a man. If you are willing to make an effort for the relationship, you will be lighter on his back and easier to care about and deal with. So, make him feel like you are making that change and really talk to him about it and show him that you are making a change for the better and he will come back to you and start showing you more signs that he wants you back as the days go by… This is six signs your ex wants you back on youtube.com

4 He calls you for sex every week

Because he calls you for sex doesn’t mean he wants to be with you but if he wants to have sex with you that is a good sign that he wants to stay with you.
Now what you should do is ask him to commit before you have sex with him while letting him know that it is all his and he can grab it anytime he wants but he needs to show you that he is for real and is not playing games with you. These are indeed some really good signs that he wants you back.

5 He keeps all your picture up on Social Media

You know when a man is ready to move on he will get rid of all of your pictures no matter where they are in his house or on the social media.
If he keeps them, that means he is still thinking about you but the issue is that there’s a reason why he can’t move on and it is actually the problem you guys are going through.
Don’t wait for him to make the move all the time and reach out to him and make it clear that you are available and you are ready to mingle with him all over again. Offer to take him to a restaurant and you will cover it all – If over to pay at least half or agreed to do it when he have time you will have your boyfriend back and after dinner bring him to your house and offer him sex in a very subtle way – there is no way he will say no.
And if he says yes to all of this, it is a good sign that he wants you back.
But, try to be smart while you doing it and make it clear all you need from him and better do an

5 Signs he want you back in his life

official talk about the problem that brought you guys so close to a breakup.
Show him how it can be fixed with no bs in between – men love to take the lead if he sees that you are being smart and you really are willing to do whatever it takes to make this relationship work. He will take over and start being romantic with you and making you feel like the lady that you really care for him. But sometimes men are so into their ego that they will not call you or text you because they just don’t feel like it’s going to help them in any way.
But if you make the effort to sweeten things up, then he cannot run away from you as fast as he can.
He does want you back and there is a good chance that you will end up marrying each other. This is want you back from amazon.com


Well, I tried my best to give you all the best signs that he wants you back.
But if you were reading carefully you will see that my main advice for you was trying not to be pushy, to make sexy settler gestures and overall to just being realistic about the problem that got you guys to break up in the first place. Talking about it offers a solution and a solution for him to be back with you and if he literally didn’t block you – There is a big change he wants you back in his life.
But he is just waiting for you to make a change or, at least, an effort for making the things better –
Overall, you want to be light on his back and give him a break and seduce him with a good time, food and sex. Once he sees those, he will be interested in you again for sure and to keep him you must be willing to deal with the real problems without causing a fight and indulging in unnecessary arguments.